Giant salted dark chocolate cookie
Cookie gift box with a 'Just for You' sticker
Cookie gift box with 'Just for You' sticker
Cookie varieties
Vegan cookie in branded packaging
Vegan cookies in branded packaging

Giant Cookie (450g)

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Chewy 450g cookie, available in four flavours - packaged in a box and finished with a 'Just for You' sticker.

A cookie the size of a pizza? You betcha! These giant cookies are a crowd pleaser and the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. Or just a Sunday night in bed.

(Roughly 24cm in diameter.)

Handmade in small batches with love. Products may vary in shape or size.

All of our gift boxes are filled with recycled, shredded paper from the local community - please be kind to the earth and reuse where possible.


Shelf-life: 2 months


Butter, dark brown sugar, light brown sugar, white sugar, self-raising flour, eggs, 55% dark chocolate buttons or white chocolate buttons, sprinkles, Maldon salt.

Vegan Cookie Ingredients:

Peanut butter, brown sugar, oat milk, cake flour (Potato starch - 35%, soya flour - 31%, brown rice flour - 23%, sago flour, tapioca flour, sea salt), vanilla essence, bicarbonate of soda, chocolate buttons (vegan) (in dark chocolate variety).


Contains eggs, dairy and wheat.

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