The Other One (Gift Box)
The Other One (Gift Box)
The Other One (Gift Box)
The Other One (Gift Box)
The Other One (Gift Box)
A brown gift box sits on a neutral surface. It is finished with a large, brightly coloured sticker with the text 'Just for You!' written in cerise pink. The sticker is decorated with brightly coloured paint splashes in cerise, light pink and yellow - with The Counter' logo in the top left of the sticker.
The Other One (Gift Box)
Cerise pink and white striped ribbon is twisted and is sits on a neutral surface - underneath this ribbon is a white swing tag, with a very light cerise pink border about 1cm in. Large black text says 'I fudging love you' above a cute pink and black monster icon. The swing tag is dotted with subtle pink splashes of oclour, and is finished with pink and white twine, enrobed through a black eyelet.
The Other One (Gift Box)

The Other One (Gift Box)

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Kraft gift box filled with the below and finished with a ribbon* and handwritten note:

  • 1 x Cookies and Cream with Dark Chocolate Fudge Box
  • 1 x Gooey Chocolate Brownie
  • 1 x Salted Dark Chocolate Cookie
  • 1 x Coconut and Dark Chocolate Bars

The perfect gift box for the chocolate lovers. Whether it be a staff member, client, your gran, yourself or for corporate gifting; we highly recommend gifting this gorgeous box, filled with some of our favourite chocolatey items - creamy fudge in beautiful packaging, gooey chocolate brownie and chewy cookies - you simply can't go wrong.

The box itself is sturdy and reusable (save the planet, asseblief) and comes with a variety of finishings to personalise each box. From a simple ribbon, to a cheeky swing tag and an eye catching, brightly coloured sticker - we've thought of everything. Even handwriting notes for that extra special personal touch.

For large or custom gift box orders for corporates - please get in touch with us via email ( - we would love to tailor design a gorgeous gift box for your clients!

*Option of an 'I Fudging Love You' gift tag available

*Option of 'Just for You' sticker available

All of our gift boxes are filled with recycled, shredded paper from the local community - please be kind to the earth and reuse where possible. Ribbon colour may vary from the images.


Please ensure that your message for the handwritten note is included in the text box provided above.

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